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Par-Kut History

For more than 50 years, Par-Kut International has been committed to providing the safest, most attractive and durable portable steel buildings to virtually every industry known. Industrial enclosures are continuously subjected to extreme physical and environmental abuse. So Par-Kut industrial booths are built tough - to stand up to the demands of low maintenance industrial construction. Par-Kut industrial booths are made to withstand the jarring and vibrations often present at the industrial site. And because an industrial booth rarely gets pampered durable epoxy or polyurethane paint finishes resist the corrosion caused by contact with abrasive and toxic chemicals and continuous exposure to the natural elements. Even after years of service, a Par-Kut industrial booth remains the best looking in the field.

Par-Kut industrial booth design may also include features such as removable access panels and double doors, impact resistant polycarbonate windows, transformers, three phrase electrical panels, explosion proof wiring and devices, sound deadening and even blast resistant and fire retardant construction. For highly specialized applications, we offer custom design service, too.

Par-Kut portable steel buildings are the first choice in sheltering industrial equipment, inventory and personnel. That's because Par-Kut industrial booths are overbuilt - industrial tough.

Par-Kut - Mission

From its conception in 1954, innovative industrial booth design, uncompromising workmanship and attention to customer service have been the reasons for Par-Kut's success. As stewards for a healthy environment, Par-Kut has continuously met or surpassed all EPA manufacturing requirements. To date we remain a major supplier in the efforts of Homeland Security and our corporate philosophy continues to support the free enterprise system in which we thrive. Our conscientious employees has always been provided an equitable workplace. It is the mission of Par-Kut International to continue to produce a superior industrial booth and remain the leader in today's industrial industry.